Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Process

We are so close to sending our dossier off to DC! I spoke with one of the workers at CCI in Florida this morning, and she assured me that our documents are in the mail. Hopefully our dossier will go to DC next week. We have had several questions about the next step after our dossier is sent in.

This is the "Track Your Progress" information from our adoption agency, CCI. It may be helpful for inquiring minds. I added an additional step at the beginning (the home study) because I love to make lists and check things off. Plus, it is a legitimate step!

1. Home study conducted.
2. Select agency and complete application process.
3. Send contracts and all other files to CCI.
4. Authenticate dossier and send photocopies to CCI.
5. Dossier translated and authenticated in Ethiopia.
6. Case submitted to court.
7. Court date given.
8. Case approved by court.
9. Case submitted to embassy for appointment.
10. Travel to Ethiopia and bring child home!

Within those steps, we will also have to wait for a referral for a specific child or children. We will also wait to be approved by the US to bring an orphan home. We have our fingerprinting session at the FBI office in Louisville the first full week of January, so that should move us closer to being approved by the US.

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