Thursday, December 17, 2009

Authentication Complete

We are getting a little closer to finishing up the dossier. I am still hoping that we can get this finished before Christmas! Kenneth has spent the past two days authenticating our power of attorney and dossier cover letter. He went to Fayette County court house yesterday, and then went to Frankfort this morning. The documents are notarized and authenticated, and now we are just waiting on two things from the adoption agency in Florida (Celebrate Children International). When we get those two documents in the mail, I will fax a copy of the dossier to CCI to get a second look at it and make sure no changes need to be made. Once that is complete, I will be sending the dossier off! What a great feeling that will be!

We are also still waiting to get an appointment to go be fingerprinted in Louisville. Once we are fingerprinted and the FBI realizes that we are not criminals, we will hopefully get the approval to bring an orphan home.

This past week has really made me think about how much time Kenneth and I have spent on this adoption (and all well, well worth it). Every time one of us goes to the computer, Noah says, "Brudder?" He must think we are just ordering him a brother from the internet--bless his heart! It is adorable. He likes to sit at the computer, pretend to type, and then tell us that he is looking for his brudder. Each night as we pray for him at bedtime he persistently says, "brudder, brudder" until we say, "And Lord, bless Noah's brother..." A couple of nights ago Noah told us that he wanted "two brudders." Then he held up his fingers and counted to two, "See. One. Two. Two brudders." I still want to know who put him up to that one...

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