Saturday, June 19, 2010

Counting the Cost

We have been home two weeks and it has been a whirlwind. Some very good ups and some pretty low downs. The Lord has been so gracious to constantly remind me that this is His best plan for our lives and that His grace is sufficient.

A couple of days this week have been especially tough on Noah. This is all a huge adjustment for him, and he is acting out. We have had hours and hours of temper tantrums, not listening, etc. At the same time there have been some incredibly sweet moments between he and his brothers. Even though he and Aiden have struggled to get along, he always wants to know where Aiden is and what he is doing. The past two days the boys have gotten along very well and have had tons of giggles together.

We have seen some great improvements in Aiden's speech. Although he was refusing to speak any English, he has started saying some words and mimicking Noah. Noah points out things to Aiden and tells him the English words and then encourages him when he says it. Kenneth and I had nothing to do with it, and the pride in my heart just swells for him.

The greatest improvements have been with Asa. When he came home with us he was very unsteady even sitting up. In just two weeks he is sitting very well, starting to crawl, trying to pull himself up, grabbing small snacks and feeding himself! He is getting so much stronger each day. He has already gained 2 pounds and is eating about 10 more ounces of formula per day than he was. Asa is such a happy baby, and very laid back.

We have had so many laughs and proud moments that are a true joy to be a part of. Children truly are a blessing from the Lord.

In those moments when I felt like checking myself into the mental facility, the Lord kept reminding me that REDEMPTION IS COSTLY. The minor struggles we have faced emotionally and physically do not compare to what it cost Christ to redeem my soul and adopt me into His family. He went through emotional pain, physical pain, spiritual pain, separation and even death to rescue me from orphanhood. Our small struggles are merely a way that we can partake in the suffering of Christ, giving greater glory to the Father because two boys are no longer orphans here on earth. Praise Him!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Congratulations and Welcome Home"

"Congratulations and welcome home." These words are some of the most precious I have ever heard. Kenneth and I literally cried like babies when the US Homeland Security Officer spoke these words to us as we walked through customs and immigration with our sons. I cannot describe what a great feeling it was to be home. Yes, we had an amazing trip, but there is nothing like when the plane wheels land on US soil. That too, was another moment when both of us began sobbing. Right there in the plane. It feels so good to be home with Aiden and Asa.

Our trip went really well. We met the boys on Thursday morning at the transition house and then went straight to our embassy appointment. Yet another moment of crying took place after we were interviewed and and the embassy official said "Congratulations" and handed us some official paper work for each boy.
At first meeting Aiden was very shy and cautious. Asa is such an outgoing and happy baby that he warmed right up to us. It didn't take Aiden but a few hours to want to touch us and let us hold him. We cannot believe the change we have seen in him just in the last few days that he has been with us. He is starting to use words, in his native tongue, but he is at least talking. He is smiling a lot more. He runs to us and hugs us. He holds our hands and follows directions. He wants us to comfort him when he falls or gets upset. I know he is going to blossom.

Noah is also doing very well. He is a great big brother, even better than we expected. He loves both Aiden and Asa. He wants Aiden to play with him all the time. Just this afternoon when we put the boys down for a nap we heard a lot of laughing and talking before they finally fell asleep. Noah wants to feed Asa, hold him, kiss him, etc. Aiden also wants to be a big helper with Asa. I think they will all get along just fine.

It has been quite an adjustment for our family, and we have several things to work through, especially with Aiden. However, I think in due time, the issues will resolve as he is fed consistently, when he feels secure in our family and loved. Our issues are just minor things like food and sickness with both boys and sleeping schedules with Asa. We would not trade this experience for anything! The boys are a huge blessing! We could not have asked God for better boys than the ones He has chosen for our family. We praise Him for how wonderful things have been.