Friday, December 4, 2009

Completed Home Study

A huge thank you to all who have been praying for us. We did the second and final part of our home study yesterday afternoon. It went so well. We were able to go to our social worker's home to meet her twin girls that she just adopted from Ethiopia. They were so precious, and it made Kenneth and I want to bring home our son NOW.

Thankfully, our social worker is a believer, so the process was very smooth and she was able to understand where we are coming from and what motivates us. Kenneth and I were interviewed separately; one of us was asked questions while the other got to keep three little children (Noah included) playing nicely together. We were asked simple questions about the ages of our parents and siblings, what it was like growing up in our family, what interests we have, the kind of students we were, etc. We were also asked what attracts us to one another, how we handle conflict, how we parent, etc.

Our social worker told us that she hopes to complete the report by Saturday, so we should have all the paper work we need to apply for loans and grants next week! What a praise! We will also be able to start the authentication process of our dossier as soon as we get my birth certificate from Florida.

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