Monday, March 7, 2011

The Battle is the Lord's

As some may have heard recently beginning this month adoptions in Ethiopia will be cut by 90%. This does not mean that Ethiopia is now a closed country, but it does mean that the process will be much, much slower. We have several friends in the process of adopting from Ethiopia and it breaks my heart for them and the millions of orphans that may never find a "forever family." Someone in our adoption group posted this, and I am asking for others to join in this prayer effort!

"The Battle Is The Lord's"
I Samuel 12:47b

Best news...He NEVER Loses!!!

~Praying that every person that has anything to do with our children being ready to go into court will not be able to get their faces, names and situations off of their minds and hearts until they are ALL in court.

~Praying that the visable favor of almighty God rests on our children, on every document, every paper, every detail and signature of all of children's adoptions until they are set free, pass court, have birth certificates and VISAS!

~Praying James 1:5 - that the wisdom of God will flood the hearts and minds of Sue, Dejere, and EVERYONE at EVERY office and part of the process to free our children and bring them HOME to us. That creative ideas will come to their minds-even as they sleep to ensure our children's cases will be attended to promptly and thouroughly and not one item will be forgotten or overlooked in the name of Jesus!

~Praying that NO person dealing with any of our children will grow weary or be distracted from completing EVERY child's adoption paperwork quickly and correctly and our children will be HOME sooner than anyone could have dreamed or imagined!!!

~Praying that we will all be brought together in such a strong bond of spiritual unity for our children's lives -that every plot and scheme by any person and the enemy will be abandoned -and they will flee at the sight of our union of FAITH for our children's freedom!!!

~Praying that others will witness our strong stand of faith in our God and that it will cause lives to be changed and souls will be won into the Kingdom and God will receive ALL the GLORY!

~ Praying that NOBODY will grow weary -at any part of any of this process -that we will all lock arms and walk forward into this one step at a time - crushing the enemy EVER step of the WAY!

~ I am praying these things with GREAT expectancy and with GREAT FAITH in MY God who created our children and has a plan for their lives - a plan to give them a HOPE and a GOOD final outcome!!