Monday, November 22, 2010

Asa is Getting Evaluated

After a few months of struggling with Asa's behavior, I finally contacted First Steps to get Asa re-evaluated. This time for his crazy behavior! We had waited because when we described his behavior to most people they just said, "He is just being one!" Kenneth and I knew better, but we wanted to see if we could suck it up and manage. In the last few weeks, we have reached the point where we could not handle it. I called First Steps at the beginning of last week, and already on Friday the intake coordinator came by our house. Within about five to ten minutes of watching Asa she suggested that he might have some sensory issues. I have been thinking the same thing for about a month, but I wanted her to come to her own conclusions. Asa has already pre-qualified for a lengthy evaluation based on his communication and fine motor skills, and now for his behavior. We are praying that we can have him evaluated the week after Thanksgiving. If he does qualify for services, we can begin some occupational therapy right away. I am praising God that prayers have worked thus far, and there is some hope for sanity! I am sure that Asa will be thrilled to get any help he can with whatever is going on in his little body and mind.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Aiden's Surgery

Aiden had his surgery yesterday. He was not feeling good at all when he came home, but this morning he seems to be doing much better. He is walking around very tenderly and is not talking much but he is at least keeping medications down. We continue to pray for a speedy recovery, with as few days on the couch as possible. We are already on our 6th showing of the movie, "Cars" and there was a little "Toy Story" mixed in with that. I am so thankful that my parents are keeping Noah and Asa so that we can just focus on Aiden and Nathan as Aiden is recovering.

Aiden also just started preschool at the Early Learning Village last week. He has only been two days but he seems to really like it. He is already wanting to know when he can ride the school bus. He continues to do well at the Mother's Day Out program at the church and we have seem big improvements in his behavior as a result. I am thankful that Aiden is starting to pick up on things much faster and he is starting to talk so much more. His behavior and his language have both improvement dramatically! Praise God for the work that He has done in Aiden just in the 5 months that he has been home with us.