Monday, December 7, 2009

Homestudy Completed

Praise the Lord! Not only did our social worker complete our home study on Saturday, but we received my birth certificate in the mail the same day! Today our social worker sent me the rough draft of the home study for my review. Hopefully it will be ready to go in the next day or two. This is perfect timing because we have a grant application that is due December 15. It looks like we will get to apply right in time. God is good!

Now that the home study completed, we are just waiting on a couple documents from the adoption agency to finish our dossier! Our social worker told us that it would be really good if we could get the dossier finished by Christmas. We are praying that we will get the documents soon so that we can start authenticating our dossier.

Here are the steps to authenticate the dossier. Each piece of paperwork that goes into the dossier must be notarized. We then must go to the courthouse of the county of the notary. We will go to Fayette County court house and they will have to look through the dossier and then give us a sheet of paper saying that our notary is truly a notary in their county. We must also do the same for our Power of Attorney. After Fayette Co court house says that the notray is truly a notary in Fayette Co, we must then go to the state capitol in Frankfort so that they can then authenticate that Fayette Co is an actual county in Kentucky. After that, we are ready to send off our dossier to DC.

At the moment we are also waiting to get an appointment from the FBI so that we can get fingerprinted. We will get a time where we have to go to Louisville to get fingerprinted at the FBI offices. This is so that US customs and immigration can make sure that we are not crazy criminals, or something.

We are also in the process of filling out and notarizing the agreement between our family and Celebrate Children International (our placing agency). We hope to have that ready to send off by tomorrow.

Thanks for continuing to pray for our family through this adoption process!

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  1. Oh my, the hoops you must jump through - that is crazy! I'm glad everything is going so well thus far. You'll have your little boy before you know it. :)