Friday, March 26, 2010

This Weekend

We got word from Sue that Abdi was supposed to come to Addis yesterday. She will not know until Sunday at least if he made it or not. Although it is so hard to wait for the news, I keep praying that God will give me patience to wait upon Him. Everything will happen in His perfect timing.

Our big yard sale is tomorrow morning! We have had 8 families contribute items to the sale. I am praying that God will grant us success and allow us to raise some money for our adoption. And also that I would have a good attitude about getting up so early in the morning, and that I would not have a bad bout of morning sickness to top it off. :) We have truly been so blessed by the giving of others throughout this adoption. I can't say it enough. We feel so fortunate that God has called us to our boys and that He has used so many people to bless us in the process, as if the boys won't be a blessing enough!

We still have not heard about a court date. It has been over a month. What a long month of waiting it has been. Hoping to hear something soon! Keep praying!

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  1. I came here looking for word on a court date. I am so sorry you don't have one yet! I got so excited when we had one and then MOWA didn't get their letter there. Waiting a second time was even harder. I pray you pass the first time after this long, long wait! I am also praying that Yenesaw was successful in everything he set out for. We have been waiting for our second boy's paperwork since January! I hope the Lord is filled with blessings for all of us...gosh, do we need anymore lessons on patience?????????