Friday, March 19, 2010

Pray for Abdi

We received word today that Abdi still has not made it to Addis. However, there is a man who works with our adoption agency who is currently in Kamashi collecting documents for other cases. The plan is for him to bring Abdi back to Addis with him this weekend. Our case worker, Sue, said that she should be able to take him to the doctor for his exam on Wednesday. We are praying that this happens!!!

Another word of great encouragement! Again, we have been blessed by gifts from friends this week and our adoption is almost paid for! We will have enough money to pay our agency to bring the boys home, and are now just working on the last little bit to finalize the adoption once we are home! God has been so good to us. His hand is so evident in this whole process. What a blessing it has been to be called to adopt and to see God's provision when we stepped out in obedience. I am humbled that the charity and obedience of others will enable us to bring home our boys. We would not be able to have our boys without all the people who have prayed and given, and it is something we could never say "thank you" enough for. We still have several big steps ahead of us, but this was a HUGE mountain and I am thankful to be looking down this one. What an increase in my faith!

We will be having a yard sale next weekend at my sister-in-law's house. I always look forward to yard sales because you meet so many interesting people. We are taking any donations to use for the sale. Several people have already been very generous in this manner. I think we should have a great sale! All the money we make will go toward our adoption and medical expenses once we get the boys home. Please be in prayer that God would grant us success in this venture!


  1. I will pray that Abdi makes it to the Transition House with Yenesaw! We have been waiting for Obsi's paperwork since January! Sue hasn't said yet but I hope Yenesaw is also bringing Obsi's paperwork with Abdi. So, if you could please pray for that also I would so appreciate it. Obsi got his medical exam done in Kamashi. I wonder why Abdi couldn't have that done there?

    I am so happy for you to have Abdi on the way! That is such a huge blessing in the whole process.

  2. We will certainly be praying for Obsi's paperwork to come with Yenesaw and Abdi to Addis.