Friday, March 12, 2010


This week has been full of emotions. We got word on Monday that Ethiopia announced that all adoptive parents would have to be present for the court date from now on. This would mean two trips-one trip for the court date, and then another trip about 2 months later to pick up the children. We asked for urgent prayer that this would not apply to us. Today our case worker e-mailed and said Ethiopia announced that it would apply to all cases submitted after April 7. Our case was submitted on February 22, so this new rule should not apply to us! We are still praying that this remains the case. Praise God for His speedy answer to our prayer!

I received an additional e-mail that Abdi is on his way to Addis. We probably will not know if he arrived until Monday, but I was just thrilled to hear that he was supposed to be on his way today! Thank you for those who have prayed for this specifically. I will be sure to update when we get any more news on Abdi. Our prayers now for Abdi are that he will get his medical exam and that the results would show him to be a healthy boy.

This week we also learned that it is taking about a month or a little longer for people to get court dates once their case has been submitted to court. We are just waiting to hear court dates for our boys.

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  1. Praise God! We prayed the exact same prayer!!! We were submitted on March 10th... whew! I am hoping that since there is going to be a ton of people trying to get submitted before April 7th, they will get court dates out quicker for those of us already submitted. ;o)

    So glad to hear that Abdi is on his way to Addis! Another answered prayer!!! Hoping he gets to the dr soon!