Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh Me of Little Faith!

God is just wonderful! Last week we got word that our little boy Merga (he is about 6-7 months old) is already at the Transition House in Addis, the capital city. This is wonderful news. The Transition House is specifically for children who have already been matched with their families and are just waiting for court. Abdi (our 2 year old) is still in Kamashi, about 14 hours outside of the capital city. When I asked our case worker she said that they probably couldn't get him moved to the Transition House until mid March. They are waiting for families to come pick their children up, and thus make room at the Transition House. Many families have a March 11 embassy date. I prayed yesterday morning that the Lord would move and that somehow Abdi would be able to come to Addis, even if he wasn't able to move into the Transition House just yet. We are still waiting on a full medical report for Abdi. This is very important before we go to court, for us and for the court. When I prayed that prayer yesterday morning, little did I know that God had already provided an answer. I opened my e-mail just minutes later and Sue had sent me a message. Sue said that Abdi is supposed to come to Addis today and he will immediately go to get his full medical exam. Our case should be submitted to court on Monday! Oh me of little faith!

Here is how you can be praying over the next few days:
--That God would indeed make a way for Abdi to get to Addis today to get his medical exam and be ready to go to the Transition House with his new brother, Merga.
--That the medical exam would go well for Abdi, proving him to be a healthy boy ready for adoption, and that we would get the results soon.
--That God would protect Abdi physically and emotionally as he is moved to Addis.
--That our case would be ready to be submitted to court on Monday!
--That God would provide for us for the remainder of the adoption.

Thank you so much, once again, for your prayers, encouragement and support.


  1. We are being submitted to court on Monday also! I explained in my blog our dilema....

  2. We are also hoping to be submitted to court on Monday. We got the same exciting email that our little girl was going to be in Addis this week for her medical visit!!! Definitely an answered prayer. Praying we both get the news we're hoping for!