Friday, February 5, 2010

He has heard our prayer!

God continues to amaze me! For those of you who were praying for us this weekend...God surely heard!!!! I got a call around 1 today in regards to two boys. Both are from Kamashi Village, which is about 14 hours outside the capital city in Ethiopia. We were praying that the Lord would bring two boys to our case worker as she went to that remote village this weekend. Although that is not usually the way things work, we were praying for God to just do something big.

HE DID! As of today, we accepted a referral for a 2 year old boy and a 7-8 month old boy. God has brought us two little boys from the same village! Words cannot describe our excitement. I just can't believe I get to be the mother of these boys!! We have seen pictures of both of them, but we are not allowed to post them anywhere until we have passed court and they are legally our children.

The next step is for our case to be submitted to court. In all likelihood, our case will be submitted in about a month, and then we will wait for a court date for each boy (they are not biological siblings, so they will have separate appointments). Most of the time, people do not pass court the first time. Or, we could have one boy pass and not the other. In which case, we would have to wait for another court date to be given. This could take a few months.

Here is how you can be praying for us now.
-That our cases would be submitted to court in God's perfect timing, and that the court system would go smoothly for us.
-The paper work that now has to be done for these boys both in Ethiopia and the US.
-That the US would grant us the right to bring home the two boys we have been matched with.
-That God would provide for us financially. We cannot travel to pick our children up until we have all the money. We are still in need of about $15,000. We have applied for about 8 different grants but have only heard from 1. However, we are confident that God will provide to bring the boys home, and that He will continue to provide for our family once the boys are home.


  1. Totally exciting! I am getting a boy from there too! He is 13 though. I am really excited for you! If you don't pass court the first time, people have been getting a new date a week or two out, not a month! Praying the Lord provides for you.

  2. Kristy, yay!!! If you aren't already in touch with John Mark and Karen Hutcheson (Caroline's cousins), you should request access to their adoption blog. They brought their son home around the holidays, and Karen is flying to Ethiopia to get their daughter this week, I think. They've been through the Ethiopian court process and have posted a lot about their experiences. Their blog is private, but it's, and I'm sure Karen would love to communicate with someone else who's going through the same things. She's a former classmate of mine (though she was a few years ahead), and she's just awesome!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! I didn't know you had gotten your referrals! Can't wait to see pics on the Yahoo Group! Get On That! ha ha ha!!!