Friday, February 12, 2010

The Process Now

For those wondering what is going to happen next, below is a list of the process from here on out. This list is from our agency, Celebrate Children International. Please know that the time frames given are just general estimations, and may not be accurate for our case. Our case may take longer. They can never know for sure. We hope to bring our boys home at some point this summer, probably late summer. We are certain that God is in control of the timing.

1. Receive referrals.
2. Dossier is translated and authenticated in Ethiopia (2 weeks)
3. Your dossier goes (3-6 weeks)
4. CCI’s in country representative submits your case to court for a court date (1 week)
5. Your court date is given (4-6 weeks later)
6. Court takes place with an in country representative from CCI acting on your behalf by Power of Attorney to complete the adoption (same day). Sometimes it takes several times in court for a case to pass.
7. File goes to WACM to get letters needed to have a passport and birth certificate created (1 week)
8. Case is submitted to American Embassy for embassy appointment (1 week)
9. Embassy appointment is given
10. Family travels to Ethiopia to pick child up and to go to the embassy appointment (3-6 weeks after exiting court)


  1. We are a fellow CCI family-Congratulations on your referrals! If you're on FB come find me!! :)

    Meggan McKean Armbrustmacher