Thursday, September 2, 2010

What I Do Know

On Monday we took Aiden to the doctor for a follow-up. I almost cancelled the appointment because we already have another appointment scheduled for November and I am getting so tired of doctor appointments between the 5 of us. I e-mailed our doctor to just check what the appointment was for. He said that we could wait until November but then we would have to come back again anyways to finish up vaccinations. I decided to keep the appointment because going now with 3 children, as opposed to going with 4 children in a few more months, just makes sense. Am I glad that God had his hand even in that...

In June they did some blood work on Aiden. He tested positive for HEP-A and his liver function numbers came back a little higher than normal at 79. The doctor was concerned but thought this might be due to the HEP-A, which would be leaving his system. When we re-tested his blood on Monday we discovered that the HEP-A is gone, but the liver numbers were in the 300's. 70 is the high end of normal. This is not good.

We do not know what is going on with Aiden's liver. The doctor is very concerned but said that we do not need to panic just yet. We go in tomorrow to get an ultrasound of his liver, and then back to the office on Wednesday to get more blood work. The doctor thinks that because he is so young, and if we get ahead of whatever is going on, there should be no long term affects. We just don't know....

Here is what I do know...
-This is no suprise to God, even if it is a suprise to us.
-God is in total control, no matter what happens.
-This is for our good and God's glory, although we might not see it right now.
-Jesus is the great physician, and we can totally trust Him.
-God could have brought Aiden to our family to spare his life. What would have happened with no medical care, or very little medical care, in Ethiopia?
-God knows exactly what is going on with Aiden and He loves him.
-God is our provider, and He will provide for His children.
-In a way, I am praising God because it has shown Kenneth and I that our hearts hurt for Aiden the same way it would if Noah were in this situation. What a comforting reassurance that we are bonding and feel that he is truly, truly ours.

Please be in prayer for Aiden.

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