Friday, October 15, 2010

Our Newest Blessing

It has been way too long since I have updated the blog, but we have been a little busy. Baby Nathan decided to make his debut on October 1, exactly 20 days before he was due. What a pleasant suprise! The boys have been wonderful with him. Noah and Aiden are always arguing over who gets to hold the baby. Aiden wants to know where the baby is all the time and Noah wants to make sure that I am taking care of him properly. It is so nice to see them love their little brothers so much. I am going to have to remind them of this some day, I am sure.

Aiden has made so much progress! He is talking so much more now and we feel like a lot of this has to do with Noah. Noah is always encouraging him to talk and say new things. Aiden is also eager to carry on conversations with Noah so he is trying harder. They have really become best friends which is a blessing for us--except when they team up against us to get into trouble. :/ Aiden's behavoir has also improved dramatically. He hardly throws temper tantrums anymore, and when he does it is NOTHING like what we experienced when he first came home. Now he simply puts himself in "time out" and whimpers softly until he realizes that we are not going to pay attention to that behavior. His defiant personality is getting under control.

Aiden's liver numbers are still in question. We go to the doctor on Monday for another round of blood work. We will see the specialist at UK in mid-November. Aiden will also have his circumcision, tonsils and adenoids removed and tubes put in on November 12. Bad day for him, but we will be so thankful when it is over. Hopefully he will get better sleep and be able to breathe easier.

Asa is still making huge strides physically. The kid can climb stairs in seconds. He can also destroy a room in half that time. We are struggling with his constant need to be touching, banging, kicking, moving, destroying... Today he sat in my lap for about 4 minutes without trying to jump out which is the first time he has done that since we brought him home. He has also started throwing some serious tantrums when he is told "no" or if he is not the center of attention. It must be hard having 3 brothers that all need time too. We tell him all the time that it is a good thing he is so cute!

Although it is challenging to have 4 children ages 3 and under, we feel blessed. God never gives us more than we can handle, and He constantly shows us His provision and hope. Today Kenneth and I were commenting that we can't imagine life without Aiden and Asa. How boring it would be!!!


  1. I don't know the situation, but I'd like to offer you some information about alternatives to circumcision. Most of the time, it's not medically necessary.

    I don't know why you are planning this for your son- medical reasons or "other" reasons, but I hope these resources are of help to you:

    "Circumcision: Make the Informed Decision" with Dr. Dean Edell

    Circumcision rate drops to less than 33%

    Decision-making tool from CIGNA health care

    God bless you guys, and good luck.

  2. Hello and congrats on your beautiful family. So glad you are all finally together!
    I was wondering if you would be willing to chat with me about CCI. We have a big decision coming up and I would love to have someone to talk to who has been where we are praying about going. Have not talked with anyone who has used CCI and wanted your opinion on that as well. Thanks,

  3. Remember the nice, calm, soothing, QUIET world your first baby came home to?

    Ha! Nathan will never, ever know what that's like!!