Thursday, April 8, 2010

Getting Closer...

Our court date is less than two weeks away. Kenneth and I are so excited, and we are just praying that we pass the first time with both boys.
On Monday we received a video with both boys. What a precious thing our adoption agency does for us. I think I have watched it at least 4 times now. It is wonderful to see our boys on video and witness their beautiful smiles in action. It makes us want to bring them home more and more. Noah gets really excited to see them on TV too. He always says, "That's my brother!" And then he wants to know when they are coming to live with us, when Mommy and Daddy are going on a plane to bring them home, etc.
We also received word this week on how much our boys weigh. This gives us a good idea of sizes, etc. Abdi is currently 29.9 lbs and Merga is 17.6 lbs. Noah is already 37 lbs, so they both seem tiny to me!

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  1. Isn't our agency the BEST!!! We got a new video of Eva this week too, LOVE IT!!

    Praying for your court date!