Tuesday, May 3, 2011

For All The Kids Who Have No Mommy & Daddy

Every night during our family worship time we pray for a country around the world. I love that we have added this to our ritual (Bible story, Catechisms, Praying for the world, and sometimes a song). We were inspired by David Platt's book "Radical" in which he challenges believers to literally pray for the world. You can do this systematically through a book called "Operation World" which lists every country in the world along with some facts about each country.

The other night we were praying for Ivory Coast, which is in Africa. The boys love getting a chance to say their own prayer for the country. That particular night Aiden wanted to pray first and his prayer was "Jesus, thank you for Ivory Coast. Pray for all the kids who have no mommy and daddy. Give them good sleep. Pray for Mommy, Daddy, Noah, Asa and baby." I could have cried. It truly blessed my heart to hear my son, who at one time did not have a mommy or a daddy, praying for other little boys and girls on his birth continent who do not have a mommy or a daddy.

My prayer is that God would continue to open up hearts toward adoption and that people would be obedient to that blessed (though sometimes tough) calling. I pray that all those children around the world would find a forever Mommy and Daddy. And I also praise God that He allowed me to be Aiden's Mommy. He is ONE LESS orphan. Glory to God!!!

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