Thursday, May 13, 2010

Plane Tickets & Hotel Rooms Booked!

Even though we found out we had an embassy date a couple weeks ago, we had to wait on the official birth certificates for our boys from Ethiopia. We could not book plane tickets until we knew the correct spelling of their names. The birth certificates finally came in yesterday! I cannot describe how it felt to finally see an official document with Kenneth and I listed as the proud parents of Abedi (Aiden) and Merga (Asa). Seeing their pictures at the top of the page with our names listed as parents was amazing, and very real! It is really real!

Although we received the birth certificates via e-mail yesterday, we were not able to book Aiden's flight. I think our credit card could not handle all the expense! haha. We booked our flights, and then Aiden's flight was booked today. We did not get Asa a separate ticket, so we paid a minimal fee for him to ride home on our laps. I think we will be very pleased that we spent the money to get Aiden his own seat on the plane.

We leave May 28 out of Cincinnati to head to Rome. God has really blessed us with the ability to have a mini vacation (just the two of us) before we go from 1 to 4 children in a few months. We will arrive in Addis, Ababa Ethiopia on June 3! Lord willing, we will be coming home with our sons on June 6.

I cannot express how grateful I am to all of our friends, family, and church family who encourage us, pray for us, love us and support us. The journey, although it is far from over, has been a joyous blessing and I am so humbled that God has led us here.

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